So Long 3rd Grade

The most important thing I learned is multiblacation and divishion.

My favorite project was my recycleing club.

I was most surprised by my blog.

The thing I disliked was too much HOMEWORK.

recycling program vote

 I want a recycling program. People should only need to get the recyclables,put them on the curb and someone get it. < That’s easy. To get the recyclables, put in an a vehicle,find recycling place,give it to them and go home.< That’s hard.


say , yes or no

United States Symbol : liberty bell

When the first bell was rang for the first time it cracked.


the third bell was hidden during the revolutionary war.In the early 1800’s it cracked.

it was fixed but the crack got bigger,to big to fix.

It’s last ring was in 1846.



Facts For Me

beasley seth                                                                                                                    A contrail is a cloud made from jet engines. To make one a plane needs to be 23,000 – 65,000 feet above earth. It only lasts about 1 minute. It looks like a line in the sky.