The Katana Zombie

Seth and his friends go to the abandoned school to investigate why it is abandoned.On the way there samantha asks “Why do we do what we do and not get thanked?”Kinsey said “I do not know.” Then they saw the Katana Zombie. He swung his katana and cut off his own arm, IT GREW BACK IN 5 SECONDS! Seth and his friends run to the abandoned school’s library. After they thought they were safe Gunner pulled out his flashlight and a door read “room 13” out of the room walks the zombie and Seth’s friends ran to the dark cornor of the room,  but Gunner got captured. Kinsey said “We need to get out of here before we get caught, but we need to save gunner ,so lets go save him.” “But not get captured.” said Seth. They fallowed the zombie to the dentetion room. gunner saw them and tossed them a .45. Seth shot the zombie in the arm with the katana. The zombie laughed and ran after them. seth dropped the gun and kinsey got the gun and sot the zombie straight in the face. Then gunner ran out and said ” There’s more people.” then 385 people ran out saying ” were free, God has answered our prayers!” On the way home Seth saw a note in his pocket saying “I’ll be back”.

Mayflower Acrostic Poem

M  en signed compact

A  hundred and two passengers

Y  ay, the first Thanksgiving

F  inding new land

L  ooking to worship freely

O  nly 31 children

W  orking to survive

E  nding up returning twice because its partner ship was leaking

R  eaching plymouth in 1620


Plymouth is home to the pilgrims. They came seeking the right to practice their religion. Soon after they got to land they made friends with the indians. The ”first Thanksgiving” was held as a celebration  of a successful harvest.

Carnival Adjives

My annoying brother and I walked down the clean sidewalk through midway.We saw a big, bright, yellow sign that said The Impossable game.My brother and me tryed 3 times, but we still failed, but we each got a small, brown,  fuzzy teddy bear as a prize.