Child Labor

children were abused at their jobs like docking their pay for being 1 minute late! They worked under poor conditions and couldn’t take days off or their jobs would be given away. They usually didn’t trust the children and locked the doors in fear they would storm out in an anger mobs. after the fire of 1911 people would realize that child labor is bad, but it would be over 25 years until they put an end to it.

a girl’s job

their daily meal


Child labor is bad and I am glad it is illegal! photos from

The War of 1812 Acrostic Poem

W as from June 1812 to February 1815

A mericans were out numbered 140 to 6

R atified the treaty of Ghent in 1815


O fficially ended the war in 1815

F ought for 2 years and 8 months


1 40,000+ British seamen fought

8 ,600 British and Canadians died

1 5,000 Americans died due to the war

2 43,885 Regular British soldiers were involved




The Battle of Quebec

   Facing the year-end expiration of their troops’ enlistment, the American forces advanced on Quebec under the cover of snowfall in the early morning hours of December 31. The British defenders were ready, however, and when Montgomery’s forces approached the fortified city, the British opened fire with a barrage of artillery and musket fire. Montgomery was killed in the first assault, and after several more attempts at penetrating Quebec’s defenses, his men were forced to retreat.

   Meanwhile, Arnold’s division suffered a similar fate during their attack on the northern wall of the city. A two-gun battery opened fire on the advancing Americans, killing a number of troops and wounding Arnold in the leg. Patriot Daniel Morgan (1736-1802) assumed command and made progress against the defenders, but halted at the second wall of fortifications to wait for reinforcements. By the time the rest of Arnold’s army finally arrived, the British had reorganized, forcing the Patriots to call off their attack. Of the approximately 1,200 Americans who participated in the battle, more than 400 were captured, wounded or killed. British casualties were minor.

  After the defeat at Quebec, the battered and ailing Patriots remained outside the city with the help of additional supplies and reinforcements, carrying out an ineffectual siege. However, with the arrival of a British fleet at Quebec in May 1776, the Americans retreated from the area