Dear Mrs.Larue -Letters From Obedience School

Dear Ike,

I am sorry for almost running over your owner. I wasn’t being careful when I saw you running up and saving her. You’re a good dog and shouldn’t be in obedience school at all. I loved your party ( especially the chicken pie )! Thank you for telling the officer to not give me a ticket. Thank you for everything.



Luke The Truck Driver

This i my game board created it thanks to Mrs.Peere, makey makey, and me.It’s theme is fishing and to play you roll a dice, and if you land on a yellow square it is normal, if you land on a green square you get a fish, but if you land on a red square you loose a fish or if you don’t hame any you loose a turn. The goal is to get two fish and then get to the finish line first. If you get to the end with fish you go on the copper tape, but if not you fallow the arrows and go back to the first yellow square, and you keep your fish if you have some. the first

My Grandma

My mom got a phone call and went to her room, I was scared because it usually meant bad news. She told something

to my dad and we went to the hospital. I couldn’t believe my eyes, IT WAS MY GRANDMA! She had all sorts of

tubes in her and she couldn’t talk well. She was acting funny and shaking. We visited her every day, and then she got

worse and worse until she was back in the hospital. I had two chilling thoughts: she was going to die or she was going

to be in a nursing home. she pretty much couldn’t move, but after a while she soon got better and these thoughts

became unreal. She has to walk with a walker, but when we think abut times she was acting weird like when she said

there are pink people in the room we laugh. I’m so glad she is alive